First entry : 2:57 AM : Tuesday, October 6th

Another night I’ve reneged on my promise to get to bed early. Had supper with Peter not long ago at Mediterranean restaurant and though we talked about many sad things it was great to see him after so much time apart. Need to get questionnaire to ODO 13 participants they’ve already had to wait too long and I just need to get it to them. Tomorrow must write my reviews of Grey Gardens and local production of NUNSENSE at Transfiguration Episcopal. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up without a headache. I bet a lot of guys (like me) keep a bottle by the bed so I can piss without making the numerous trips to the bathroom that jeopardize my sleep. I’d like a smoke before bed but it’s probably not a good plan. I like feeling calm outdoors though and looking at the sky, even if it’s all clouds.


2 Responses to “First entry : 2:57 AM : Tuesday, October 6th”

  1. Mr D Says:

    We were just talking about bringing back chamberpots the other night. I say let’s do it!

  2. Johnny Cash Eaton Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you always my dear friend…
    My best to you and your loved ones…
    May you get the needed rest you need to carry on…
    Take care, stay warm and stay safe…

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